Umbrella Walking Sticks

Try an umbrella stick if you need an occasional walking stick but would prefer one that doesn't look like a walking stick. It's a fully functioning umbrella with an adjustable walking stick that's strong enough to lean on. Height adjustable from 32.5 inches to 36 inches.

We stock large golf umbrellas in beautiful colourful designs. These umbrellas have Ash Knobstick style handles so they can be used as a walking stick when in a folded position. The height folded up is the same as most of our standard walking sticks, so your umbrella can be used as a walking stick as well.

Umbrella Walking Sticks

Choose from a crook handle, bamboo handle, Derby handle, crutch or knob style handled umbrella walking stick. These are all very good quality items that have been designed for their purpose as both umbrellas and walking sticks.

An Umbrella and a Walking Stick in One

These items make for a lovely gift for a lady or a gentleman, perfect for someone who could do with a walking stick but doesn't want one that looks like one!

More Umbrella Walking Sticks

When we source some new umbrella walking sticks from time to time, they will be added to this page.