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We offer four services for altering any of th ewalking sticks sold on our site.

  • 1. Engraving
  • 2. Shortening wooden sticks
  • 3. Fitting a plain or spiked metal ferrule on a stick supplied with a rubber ferrule originally.

For the engraving option, we arrange a small brass plate to be engraved locally with yor requested text. Once ready (usually 2-3 days) we wrap it around the shaft of any wooden stick and glue it on. It looks like half of a brass collar when fitted to the stick. If you order a custom made stick that will be made from scratch, we can add a full brass collar with engraving instead. This is because the engraver can engrave on a collar, but only when it is not attached to a walking stick as it won't fit inside the machine.


We can make any of our wooden sticks shorter (but not longer - unless made to order). We will cut it down to whatever height you need.

For ferrules (the metal or rubber tip at the base of the stick) - most sticks have a rubber ferrule fitted which we will send to you unless you add the option for a plain or spiked metal ferrule with your order. In these cases, we remove the rubber ferrule, taper the tip and then attach a metal ferrule. You will also be supplied with a rubber ferrule to go over the top.

There are also a number of other modifications you can do yourself at home.

  • 1. Tying ribbons, string or rope around the shaft
  • 2. Gluing on badges or formed pennies. You can buy various kinds; British counties, clubs, flags etc. The pennies are formed to fit neatly around the shaft.
  • 3. Gluing on patterned fabric around the shaft with fabric glue or PVA to change a plain wooden stick into a delightful patterned one.
  • 4. Varnishing and painting any wooden sticks are also options. You can use a wood stain or paint to transform your stick. Adding a clear matt or gloss finish varnish to painted sticks will protect the paint from wear and tear and from the elements.

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