Thumbsticks are designed to be held with the thumb hooked through the V or Y shaped handle.

Thumbsticks are traditional country sticks made from hazel, ash, blackthorn or chestnut.

Our chestnut thumb sticks have been bark stripped and laquered. The hazel and ash thumbsticks are sold with their natural bark.

Thumbsticks have a myriad of uses when out walking in the countryside. Autumn brings plenty of fruit picking oportunities and having a thumbstick in tow makes it easier to reach the richest pickings! Think of a bunch of big, juicy blackberries just beyond reach in a bramble of thorns.

A special note about blackthorn thumbsticks..

A blackthorn thumbstick or more than 120 cm (or four feet) in height is a special stick because blackthorn is a shrubby bush and it is difficult to find straight sections of blackthorn as long as this. A natural 'V' in the wood makes it comfortable to old the stick with either the user's thumb or forearm resting in the 'V'.

Blackthorn Antler and Ram's Horn Sticks

The beauty of blackthorn makes it an obvious choice on which to mount beautiful stag antler and ramshorn handles, producing a fantastic contrast in colours. It is a skilled craft to prepare and dress the horn and to ensure the wood meets in a neat and smooth join. Top quality blackthorn horn sticks command high prices and demand always exceeds supply.

Thumbsticks or Y sticks make excellent gifts

Young or old, a natural thumbstick is a lovely gift to give.