Wooden Walking Sticks

The walking sticks featured on this page all have wooden shafts with ergonomically shaped handles. Choose between anotomical handled sticks (handles that fit the shape of the palm) and moulded handles (the handle can be gripped in either left or right hand).

Comfortable Handled Walking Sticks

Our moulded handled walking sticks offer superior comfort for the regular, daily walking stick user. The handles have a reassuring, comfortable grip and can be used in either hand. They are typically bought as a pair for extra stability.

Choose from wooden 91cm (36 inch) walking sticks, height adjustable aluminium sticks and foldable, height adjusting sticks too.

Our orthopaedic handled walking canes are designed to fit the shape of the palm for extra comfort and support. These walking sticks are ideal for the regular user. Most sticks are available in both left and right handed designs.

The anatomical sticks have a left or right hand model and the moulded handled sticks can be used in either hand. It is recommended that the user chooses a stick for to hold in the opposite side to the problem side.