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Large Chestnut Root Handled Stick

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A striking walking pole made from chestnut wood. The handle is formed from the root and is large (about 9cm in diameter). The chestnut bark has been stripped and a high gloss finish applied. On the tip is a metal spike ferrule which you can cover with a rubber ferrule to use on hard ground if desired. The ball top varies greatly in size so if you want a particular size and shape, please request this by email when you make your order and we will do our best to accomodate you.

The total height is approximately 142cm and we can be shortened if you want and a new plain metal ferrule or a spike ferrule fitted, whichever you prefer. This is a heavy stick at one kilogram, probably due to the large root ball handle. The stick also has a wrist strap to loop around the wrist to prevent the stick from falling if you need to free up your hands. It is easy to drop as the large handle makes it a top heavy stick.

  • Order code eh540
  • Height 142cm
  • Made from Chestnut, one piece
  • Bark is stripped
  • 9cm diameter root handle
  • Stick Diameter 35mm to 26mm
  • Spiked Tip
  • Cotton wrist cord
  • Weight 1 kilo
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