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Hiking Stick for Boys

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All boys love a stick and these hiking sticks were made especially for boys. Great for walks and exploring. The total height is 96 centimetres and each one has a hole drilled though the top and a cotton wrist cord tied through. They have a rubber ferrule on the end which can be replaced by ordering from the ferrules page. They weigh 200 grams and are made drom one piece of solid wood, either ash, chestnut or hazel. If you order this walking stick along with another stick, it can be fitted into the same box for delivery.

  • Order code 3512
  • Height 96cm
  • Natural wood shaft
  • Coloured wrist strap (red or green)
  • Weight 200g
  • Complete with rubber ferrule

All boys love sticks! Turn a walk in the countryside into an adventure with a brilliant hiking or thumb stick. We also have junior walking sticks in the handmade section from time to time and we also take requests for a specific stick to be custom made. Please email us with the measurements required and an idea about the wood you would like to use and the handle type you would like and we will reply with a quote and the lead time. Planning a boy's birthday party in the woods? Then how about a special walking stick instead of a party bag for the guests? We offer a good quantity discount if you buy 4 or more sticks and of course the postage cost will be the same whether you buy 3 or 30.

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