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Metal Hiking Pole in Black Red and Blue

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  • Order code eh544
  • Height adjustable from 67cm to 130cm
  • Grip handle and wrist strap
  • Removable stopper to prevent tip from sinking into soft ground
  • Spiked ferrule and Rubber ferrule included
  • Weight 300g
  • Handle size 12.8 x 2.3cm

This is an economical hiking pole with a grip handle and easy to use twisting action to adjust the height. You can adjust the height between 67cm and 130cm. Features a grip style handle, a wrist strap and a combination spiked metal and rubber ferrule. Each pole weighs 300 grams (the same as the majority of the adjustable and folding sticks on our website). This hiking pole has a removeable stpper basket that goes over the tip to stop the stick from sinking into the ground when it is very soft (mud and water logged fields). This pole is sold singularly, so please change the quantity to two at the checkout if you want to buy a pair.

Our aluminium hiking poles are available in different colours and with different handle types. All of these sticks are height adjustable, very light weight and can be used for town and country walking and hiking alike. A rubber ferrule is supplied with each hiking pole so that it can be used on hard ground such as pavements. The ferrule fits over the spike tip. We have a large range of aluminium hiking poles, sold seperately or in pairs.

They all have removable stoppers (the round things) that go on over the metal tips to stop the poles from sinking into soft ground. The handles are either grip handles as in this pair or crutch style handles. The poles are all height adjustable and can be lengthened or shortened depending on the terrain. For example, going uphill you would shorten them, going downhill you would lengthen them and it you were walking across a steep hill you would have one short and one long for balance.

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