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Antler Thumbstick with Whistle on Hazel

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  • Order code 2404
  • Height (to bottom of V) 132cm
  • Height (Total) 136cm
  • Stag antler Handle with Whistle
  • Weight 500g
  • Complete with metal ferrule

This is one of our most sought after thumbsticks. Our customers, particularly dog walkers, love this stick because of the whistle carved into one of the antler tines of the handle. Keep this thumbstick in mind for Christmas presents and order early to avoid missing out. The shank is made from British hazel or chestnut wood and the end is finished with a brass ferrule which can be covered with a rubber ferrule if desired, just order a rubber ferrule with your order. The height to bottom of the V shaped antler handle will be between 128 and 135cm.

The piece of antler used is from a naturally shed antler from a red stag. The red stags grow and shed a new pair of antlers every year. We also have handmade thumbsticks with whistles from time to time so please check the handmade walking sticks page for the latest pieces. We buy handmade walking sticks from several stick-makers throughout the year and as these are mostly one-of-a-kind, it is always worth bookmarking us and checking the page from time to time. Or you could follow us on Twitter, Facebook or sign up for our monthly newsletter so that you can be kept in the loop.

Our thumbsticks with whistles are mostly purchased by dog walkers for calling their dogs and by walkers in general in case of an emergency. The stick shown above is our stock whistle stick, but you can also have one made if you are not in a hurry. It can be made from a hazel one-piece thumbstick with the whistle cut into the wooden handle or you can have an antler handle like the one featured above. We have also previously sold a hiking stick with a hand turned wooden handle that unscrewed to reveal a chamber with a whistle inside. If you would like your own whistle stick designed and made for you then anything is possible so just email or call us with your enquiry and we will pass it on to one of the skilled stick-makers we work with.

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