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We Now Sell Shoe Horns or Shoe Lifts

We Now Sell Shoe Horns or Shoe Lifts

Hannah - 2 Apr 2019 19:00:00Other articles...

We have just added some shoehorns to the website. Find them under "Accessories" in the top menu. A shoe horn is specially designed to help you on with your shoes more easily, particularly if you have difficulty bending (at the knees or your back). 

Use a shorn horn to hold the tongue of your shoe in place as you put your foot into the shoe and then to ease your heel into the shoe without flattening the heel of your shoe.


We have eleven different designs to choose from. From ducks and horses to extenable and wooden shoe horns, there is something for everyone.


Horse Heas Topper Shoe Horn
Horse Head Topper Shoe Horn
Extendable Shoe Horn
Extendable Shoe Horn
Redwood Shoehorn
Redwood Shoehorn


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