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If your Folding Walking Stick Rattles When You Use It...

If your Folding Walking Stick Rattles When You Use It...

Hannah - 10 Jul 2019 12:00:00Other articles...

If your folding walking stick makes a rattling sound when you use it, you can add a knot to the bungee cord running through the inside on the stick to stop it. 
Read the below steps to fix this irksome problem!
1. Unfold the walking stick so that it is straight
2. Remove the ferrule from the tip
3. Separate the lowest section of the stick from the next section, holding the internal bungee cord firmly.
4. Feed bungee cord through the section, so that the ends of the bungee
cord appear through the bottom end of the section.
5. Take a firm hold of the ends of the bungee cord.
6. Tie a knot between the existing knot and the washer.
7. Carefully release the bungee cord back into the walking stick.
8. Replace the rubber ferrule.

Special note: The other end of the bungee cord is held in place at the top of the section that is inserted into the handle section. If, during the bungee tightening process, you disconnect the top end of the bungee cord by mistake, take care not to lose the small metal bar. 


Please see the following link to read these instructions with pictures too: FULL INSTRUCTIONS

If you are not keen to try this yourself, please send us an email or give us a call and we can talk you through the process!

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