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<a href='/blog/some-recent-customer-comments-about-our-walking-sticks-and-the-service'>Some Recent Customer Comments about our Walking Sticks and the Service</a>

Some Recent Customer Comments about our Walking Sticks and the Service

10 Feb 2020 20:00:00 Hannah - Full article...
It arrived and my father loves it. Thank you!  Tabitha ------------------------------------- Lovely stick! Thank you Gillian ------------------------------------- I can confirm that both sticks arrived this morning Saturday  in one package. I am delighted as usual. Many thanks Jane -------------------------------------- Hi Emily, Just a quick note to say everything was all right and the stick was a BIG success. Under the tree all wrapped it garnered a lot
<a href='/blog/different-uses-for-crookwalking-sticks'>Different Uses For CrookWalking Sticks</a>

Different Uses For CrookWalking Sticks

9 Sep 2019 15:00:00 Hannah - Full article...
We recently sold two wooden crook handled walking sticks to a gentleman who works at a horse racing ground. He didn't require the rubber ferrule tips as he creates points instead with just the bare wood. Interestingly, he uses the sticks to test the firmness of the ground so he can call the ‘Going’ 'Good to Firm' or 'Good to Soft' etc.  
<a href='/blog/walking-stick-poetry-a-few-samplings-from-the-interweb'>Walking Stick Poetry - a few samplings from the interweb!</a>

Walking Stick Poetry - a few samplings from the interweb!

12 Jul 2019 12:00:00 Hannah - Full article...
Independence Days Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann  Silvers strands line her hair like salt in an aquamarine ocean Wrinkles shine in ripples on the quiet foreshore of hindsight She dyed her hair blue today because she can The engine still roars when she puts her walking stick aside Mounts the quad bike and sails through the isles in the shop A keeper of memories she sounds out her youth Joints crackle the tune while she dances in rhythm and rhyme Sings aloud from
<a href='/blog/if-your-folding-walking-stick-rattles-when-you-use-it'>If your Folding Walking Stick Rattles When You Use It...</a>

If your Folding Walking Stick Rattles When You Use It...

10 Jul 2019 12:00:00 Hannah - Full article...
If your folding walking stick makes a rattling sound when you use it, you can add a knot to the bungee cord running through the inside on the stick to stop it.  Read the below steps to fix this irksome problem! 1. Unfold the walking stick so that it is straight 2. Remove the ferrule from the tip 3. Separate the lowest section of the stick from the next section, holding the internal bungee cord firmly. 4. Feed bungee cord through the section, so that the ends of the bungee cord appear
<a href='/blog/new-folding-walking-sticks-to-buy'>New Folding Walking Sticks to Buy</a>

New Folding Walking Sticks to Buy

12 Apr 2019 09:00:00 Hannah - Full article...
We are please to announce the addition of some new folding walking sticks to the website with some very nice designs indeed. Our range of folding walking sticks are made from robust aluminium, with wooden handles and rubber ferrules and a wrist cord already attached so your purchase can be used straight away. Folding sticks have always been our best-selling items as they are practical, inexpensive and fold down to a convenient size to staw away or take with you out and about. Our
<a href='/blog/new-knob-handled-walking-sticks-with-handles-made-from-unusual-woods'>New Knob Handled Walking Sticks with Handles Made from Unusual Woods</a>

New Knob Handled Walking Sticks with Handles Made from Unusual Woods

8 Apr 2019 20:00:00 Hannah - Full article...
We have just added three walking sticks with knob style handles to the website that you might like to take a closer look at.  The first stick has an Amazaque wooden handle and is shown below. Amazaque is an exotic hardwood, found in tropical West Africa.   Amazaque Handled Walking Stick Palm wood (Borassue Flabellifer) is another exotic hardwood, found in Tropical Asia and Africa.   Palm Wood Handled Walking Stick Olivewood (Olea Europa)
<a href='/blog/we-now-sell-shoe-horns-or-shoe-lifts'>We Now Sell Shoe Horns or Shoe Lifts</a>

We Now Sell Shoe Horns or Shoe Lifts

2 Apr 2019 19:00:00 Hannah - Full article...
We have just added some shoehorns to the website. Find them under "Accessories" in the top menu. A shoe horn is specially designed to help you on with your shoes more easily, particularly if you have difficulty bending (at the knees or your back).  Use a shorn horn to hold the tongue of your shoe in place as you put your foot into the shoe and then to ease your heel into the shoe without flattening the heel of your shoe.   We have eleven different designs to
<a href='/blog/new-anatomical-handled-folding-walking-sticks'>New Anatomical Handled Folding Walking Sticks</a>

New Anatomical Handled Folding Walking Sticks

30 Mar 2019 10:00:00 Hannah - Full article...
We have just added some new folding anatomical handled walking sticks in left and right hand models - all with nice designs on the metal shafts. We have eight new ones on offer; four florals, two abstract, a metallic blue and a beautiful British garden birds design. The anatomical handles are the most comfortable handles on offer becuase they are made to fit the shape of the palm of the hand (left or right). For a reduced price, you can buy any of these walking sticks as a pair to give
<a href='/blog/walking-stick-joke-i-heard-today'>Walking Stick Joke I Heard Today</a>

Walking Stick Joke I Heard Today

27 Mar 2019 12:00:00 Hannah - Full article...
A gentleman is waiting in the doctor's surgery and a lady walks in, bent double over her walking stick. When she comes out of the doctor's room twenty minutes later, standing fully upright with a straight back, the man said, "wow, what did the doctor do?" and the lady said, "he gave me a taller walking stick"   Boom, boom....I'll just get my coat..
<a href='/blog/walking-sticks-for-young-people-and-older-people-alike'>Walking Sticks for Young People and Older People Alike</a>

Walking Sticks for Young People and Older People Alike

26 Mar 2019 10:00:00 Hannah - Full article...
  There are so many different walking sticks available on the market, there is something for all tastes and ages.

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